Update needed

It’s been a long time and for those who sometime visit my site I am indebted to write an update. We worked very hard. Six PhD students have graduated, including: Danilo, who after a stay at KU Lueven, currently works at Erasmus University in Rotterdam; Ola and Marta, who found their ways in industry; Alejandra, who after a stay at the University of Antwerp is now back in Poland at the Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw; Ana, who continues teaching maths at University of Almeria and Alicja, who after a long stay in Sweden found an exciting work opportunity in Copenhagen. Thus, we had a few occasions to celebrate their achievements.


On the photo above we have (from left to right) Ireneusz (from Nicolaus Copernicus University, NCU), Danilo, Alejandra, Maraym, me, Clara, Dorota, Katarzyna (NCU), Maciej (NCU), David (from Queensland University of Technology), and Monika.