Biomedical Engineering, Maths and Optometry Graduates of 2017/2018 and 2018/2019

Topics of the defended Master thesis:

  1. Magdalena Bury, “Measurement of curvature of the anterior eye surface for the design a contact lens model made in the technology of 3D printing.”
  2. Michal Bury, “Verification of the concept of 3D printing technology for the production of contact lenses.”
  3. Magdalena Kozdras, “Bootstrap methods for linear processes with heavy tail noise.”
  4. Laura Prystrom, “The influence of dynamic and isometric exercises on the changes of intraocular pressure in people systematically practicing sports.”
  5. Malgorzata Socha, “Corneal response in water drinking tests.”

Topics of the defended Bachelor thesis:

  1. Jedrzej Arciszewski, “Assessing 3D morphology of the palpebral fissure.”
  2. Pawel Bratek, “Clear lens extraction case study.”
  3. Natalia Foltynska, “Assessing the effect of geometrical parameters of the eye ball on refraction.”
  4. Karolina Glawdecka,”Investigating the dynamics of corneal speckle in intraocular pressure measurements.”
  5. Aleksandra Kolbus, “Optic disk morphology in high myopia.”
  6. Aleksandra Kosciolek, “Assessing speckle in tomographic images of cornea.”
  7. Marcela Niemczyk, “Bootstrap model selection in biomedical signal processing.”
  8. Izabela Retka, “imaging the iris of the human eye with the use of various kinds of photographic devices.”
  9. Kamila Serkowska, “Assessing the effect of brass playing on intraocular pressure.”