Biomedical Engineering, Maths and Optometry Graduates of 2015/2016

Topics of the defended Master thesis:

  1. Aleksandra Ciszewska, “Examination of progressive changes in the geometry of the optic disk in glaucoma patients.”
  2. Karolina Janiec, “Examination of progressive changes in the geometry of the lamina cribrosa in glaucoma patients.”
  3. Renata Kedzia, “Correlation analysis of parameters of an emmetropic eye ball in the context of intraocular pressure measurement.”
  4. Natalia Lychonska, “Influence of amblyopia treatment in childhood on vision in adulthood.”
  5. Joanna Misiewicz, “Assessment of contact lens fit in young adult wearers.”
  6. Ewa Poranska, “Assessment of tear film surface quality in young adult contact lens wearers.”
  7. Monika Sikora, “Testing stationarity of a signal in time and frequency analysis.”

Topics of the defended Bachelor thesis:

  1. Marek Krawczyk,”Edge preserving filters in optical coherence tomography based imaging of retinal layers.”
  2. Malgorzata Majewska, “The influence of measuring instrument of the anterior eye surface on the automatic (software based) design of a contact lens.”