Biomedical Engineering and Optometry Graduates of 2014/2015

Topics of the defended Master thesis:

  1. Magdalena Dubniewska, “Influence of accommodation in visual acuity measurements utilising symbol charts with constant angular size.”
  2. Joanna Dyjak, “Multiple topography measurements for videokeratoscopy and profilometry based corneal measurements.”
  3. Izabela Garaszczuk, “Measuring tear film turnover with profilometry and optical coherence tomography. [WINNER, Read more …]
  4. Marta Gora, “Assessing contact lens fit in population of young regular contact lens wearers.”
  5. Malgorzata Stupak, “Assessment of tear film surface quality in young adult contact lens wearers.”
  6. Krystyna Tomczak, “Assessing edge preserving image processing algorithms and filters for optical coherence tomography.”

Topics of the defended Bachelor thesis:

  1. Hanna Nowicka,”Potential of longitudinal vibrations in the human eye.”