Biomedical Engineering Graduates of 2013/2014

Topics of the defended Master thesis:

  1. Katarzyna Piechota,”3D OCT image processing methods for shape estimation of lamina cribrosa sclerae.”

Topics of the defended Bachelor thesis:

  1. Emilia Borczyk,”Application of Scheiner’s principle in bifocal lens design.”
  2. Aleksandra Czuba, “Application of Scheiner’s principle in honey-comb bifocal lens design.”
  3. Renata Kędzia, “Estimating choroidal thickens in high myopes with OCT.”
  4. Krystyna Tomczak, “Estimation of choroidal thickness from multiple eye biometry measurements with LENSTAR LS 900.”
  5. Jan Uryga, “Modelling the anterior eye topography.”