Biomedical Engineering Graduates of 2012/2013

The first group of Biomedical Engineering graduates in the topic of human eye has just passed their final exams. Pictured below with me are happy (from left) Joasia, Maciej, Mateusz, Gosia, Natalia and Marta.


Topics of the defended Master thesis:

  1. Hanna Dobosz,”Measurement, analysis and modelling of corneal limbus with OCT.”

Topics of the defended Bachelor thesis:

  1. Joanna Dyjak,”Measurement and analysis of spatial distribution of tear film with high-speed videokeratoscopy.”
  2. Maciej Bartuzel, “OCT based meniscometry.”
  3. Matuesz Jaskulski, “Autofocusing methods in profilometry of the anterior eye surface.”
  4. Malgorzta Stupak, “Measurement and modelling of corneal limbus.”
  5. Natalia Lychonska, “Keratoconus detection with Placido disk videokeratoscopy.”
  6. Marta Gora, “Keratoconus detection with Placido disk videokeratoscopy. Application of spherical harmonics.”